Play Therapy Services

Play Therapy Services is an independent organisation that offers therapeutic services to children and families. A dedicated play therapy room is available at the Weybridge office and this is where sessions usually take place.

Play Therapy Services works closely with referrers to provide high quality therapeutic services for children and their carers. Thorough assessment followed by treatment, tailored to the child’s specific need, is provided in order that optimal outcomes can be achieved. Play Therapy Services will agree with the referrer the time scale and costs of the work in advance.
For details of fees please contact Carol Platteuw at

Play is all children's natural medium, to learn, communicate and explore their worlds. Play therapy helps children explore their feelings, express themselves and make sense of their experiences.
For children who have difficulties articulating their thoughts and feelings, play therapy sessions provide the time and space to explore issues and understand associated feelings. Play therapy can empower children to create different solutions and increase self esteem to manage their individual situation.

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